Cessna C X

When flying cessna citation x i start the engines and go up to 17% and then turn back off

Did you check your fuel levels?


What are you wanting to know? Or need help with?

Yeah i did

Why it happens and hkw to solve it

Could you give me more of a back ground? Are you flying IF on another device? I have tried it once and I had my engines cut and got disconnected from the Expert server.

So: casual servers, when starting cessna citation x engines they start up only to 17% and then turn right back off, i dont disconnect

Any more details or is that all?

That’s kinda all, happens an all servers i think

Alright maybe a screenshot or video will help with this.

I have just hopped on and tried to reproduce it. I could not reproduce it, when my engines hit 17% N1 they turned all the way on. Nothing I am noticing from my end here.

Could you send a screenshot of your weight and balance page so we can try to reproduce. So far, I’m unable to reproduce your issue. Thanks

Forget about the whole topic guys

Have you tried a basic restart? If so and the problem continues to occur, I am not sure what to do. Or maybe re-download the app because then you will have to re-download the aircraft, so that could be a fix. Not 100% sure though.

Don’t call yourself that! I know for a fact I have forgot to put the fuel in myself, and asked this same question to myself before.

Yeah, it’s happened to me plenty of times! Just make sure to double check ;)

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I managed to waste everybody’s time here

Nah, you didn’t waste my time! That’s why #support is here! To ask questions. Don’t worry about it man. :)


You haven’t wasted our time. We use our time to help with peoples issues, big or small. Don’t worry

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Thank you guys!