Cessna C-98A | Brazilian Air Force

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About the Cessna C-98A

Since the end of hostilities in the war between Peru and Ecuador, in early 1995, which had Brazil as one of the countries called “guarantees” of peace, which led to the creation of the Mission of Military Observers Ecuador - Peru - MOMEP , headquartered in the city of Patuca (Ecuador), with the dispatch of a group of Brazilian military observers, which included its General Coordinator, a general of the Brazilian Army, to the place of dispute, who needed to make several trips through this rugged region from the Andes Mountains, mostly, with altitudes ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 meters, which required a powerful, versatile, simple aircraft that could carry a relative amount of cargo and passengers.

Due to some peculiar characteristics that it would face and that would require a robust, reliable aircraft that could operate both on runways with uncompacted floor at low altitude, as well as on long runways at high altitudes, the C-98 was the selected aircraft. by the FAB to carry out this unique and difficult mission, which began on August 5, 1995 and which should continue over the next few years.

Flights in the region are usually at high altitude, with the average cruising level used being 18,000ft (5,450 meters), and there are even airways where the minimum level is 21,000ft (6,360 meters), as the Cordillera of the Andes cuts through most of the two countries. The C-98 is normally based in the city of Cuenca (Ecuador) and already operates in the cities of Lima, Chiclayo, Piúra and Bágua (Peru) and Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Patuca, Pastaza and Macas (Ecuador).

  • Technical Characteristics (Cessna 208 Caravan I – C-98)

Engine: A 600 shp Pratt&Whitney PT6A-114 turboprop
Wingspan: 15.88 m
Length: 11.46m
Height: 4.32m
Wing surface: 25.96 m2
Weight: 1748 kg (empty); 3,629 kg (maximum)
Maximum speed: 341 km/h
Service ceiling: 9,145 m | 30000ft
Range: 2,705km | 1680.8nm

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