Cessna 525C citationJet cj4

The Cessna 525C citationJet cj4 is a light business jet apart of the Cessna citation family. This would be great GA aircraft to fly small routes.

Max Passengers: 10
Length: 16.26 m
Height: 4.69 m
Wingspan: 15.49 m
Max Takeoff Weight: 17,110 lb (7,761 kg)
Max Landing Weight: 15,660 lb (7,103 kg)
Max Range: 2,165 nm (4,010 km)
Max operating altitude: 45,000 ft

Owners: https://www.airteamimages.com/

Got this plane stung by a bee, or what happened to its nose?


No idea, I think its meant to be like that.

You might want to vote for your own feature request! =D

Really? In a Cessna? Are you sure?

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Yes, this is a business jet and is more than capable of flying this high

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All if not most Cessna business jets have pretty high ceilings. The C750 is certified up to FL510.


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