Cessna 310R

  • I would like to present you The famous Cessna 310R *

The 310 first flew on January 3, 1953 with deliveries starting in late 1954. The sleek modern lines of the new twin were backed up by innovative features such as engine exhaust thrust augmenter tubes and the storage of all fuel in tip tanks in early models. Sleek, fast and efficient it was the world’s first modern light twin. In it’s 27 year production run, more than 5,400 units.
Now, this airplane is used by privat owners and for multi engine trainings.
The cessna 310 R is also very known on the simulation network, modelized by Milviz and Alabeo*.

*Alabeo wich has also recently released an high definition modelization of the aircraft.
absolutly awesome

                       ..........General characteristics..........

Cabin capacity : 6 seats

Exterior Height: 10 ft 7 in

Wing Span: 36 ft 9 in

Length: 32 ft 0 in


Engines: 2 Continentals IO-520-MB of 285Hp each

Max range : 725 nm ( 1 342.7 km)

Max Gross Weight: 5500 lbs (2 500 kgs)

Max Speed: 207 kts (238 pmh)

cruise speed : 188 kts (216 mph)

Empty Weight: 3603 lbs (1 634kgs)

Fuel Capacity: 102 gal (802 lbs)

Stall Speed (dirty): 70 kts

Max Ceiling: 20 000 ft (6 0019 m)

Balanced Field Length: 1700 ft (518 m)

Landing Distance: 2992 ft ( 911 m)

                             ***Why should it be added to IF***?

Because the this aircraft is known to be very confortable, easy to fly and fast even its 285hp engines.

With special livery in particular PLEASE :
PT-ONX (without the registration on it)

I’m a BIG fan of this plane.

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Nice request, but remember, 1 picture per feature request

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Although you have a nice request, you need to provide credit to the owners of your image or a source. (Just adding on to what @kylen15 said.) Good luck!

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Nice req. like the Cessna 210, being completely honest tho, I lik the Baron 58 better.

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Kinda wierd to see cessna’s cokpit in a plane that looks like DA and Beach Craft combined!!

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@Airborne971 As others have said, please include only 1 photo with a source of credit in your feature request at your earliest convenance. Thanks.


I will fix that, rogger

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maybe the perspective of the cockpit give you that impresion

there are a lot of videos in its cockpit, look for it : )

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That tail does remind me a bit of the Diamond twins. #MakeGAGreatAgain

P.S. could you add a range and cruise speeds well as landing/takeoff distance?😊


yes, for sure

the diamond twins looks good too

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@CS_Aus_TB20GT I see you was looking for the cessna 310 aswell, so here is an other one

As this aircraft is equiped with variable props, it might be usefull to add a “Propeller lever” as the power lever on the left side of the screen:
_like between the power lever and the other commands row
_like they did for the mixture for the C172 rework

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Can’t wait to discover all the posible liveries that could come with it

YS-357-P |Cessna 310R