Cessna 210

Credit: www.wikipedia.com

The Cessna 210 is an aircraft that has many advantages, I think that Infinite Flight needs more than 3 Cessna aircraft. I “train” in a Cessna 210 Centurion in real life. It is a quick, 5-6 seater airplane that runs on 100LL fuel. It is an older aircraft but it would be nice to see in the simulator.

Specifications Found Here: Cessna 210 Centurion – Disciples of Flight

Thoughts and opinions down below!

(I am aware that this is somewhat a duplicate but the other topic on this aircraft only talked about retractable landing gear. 🙄)

A YouTube channel ForForLouis did a flight around the world in this. Don’t forget to vote for your own topic!

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I mean there already is an unclosed feature request about this:

But since this already has more votes, I really don’t know.

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Don’t know about it as we already have the Cessna 172. I will agree though that we do need more Cessna’s in Infinite Flight.


Ooh yeah, I’d love to see this. There aren’t many GA aircraft and we could definitely use some more. The 210 is a game-changer.


I think it would be nice for more than three Cessna aircraft as well! @DylanHK

I like the idea of more Cessna’s, Most people on IF take off and land rest is auto pilot, i do the same myself but sometimes i just like to jump into a cessna or xcub and fly around manually, need more aircraft like that and more live events for them kinda aircraft ✈️✈️

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I forgot to mention, my profile pic is the Cessna 210 I “train” in.

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100LL is not jet fuel?

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Typed a little too fast 💨.

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Haha! Mistakes happen! You got my vote! The 210 is an amazing aircraft

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