Cessna 208B ‘ZS-UMG’ Livery

ZS-UMG - Umngazi

About ZS-UMG

ZS-UMG is a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan operated by Umngazi River Bungalows Resort and Spa. The aircraft was purchased by the resort in 1995, and is based at FAVG (Virginia Airport) in Durban. It operates weekly flights from FAVG to FAPJ (Port Saint Johns), where it transports resort guests to and from the resort. The aircraft can often be seen above the beach where it begins its approach into the daring airport. (Infact, yesterday, I was out on my jetski, when I looked above, to see ZS-UMG circling above me)

About Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa.

Umngazi is a luxury resort located in the Eastern Cape, informally known as the Wild Coast, due to the coasts unbelievable amount of wildlife and different eco-systems, it is also known to be one of the most dangerous places for ships to sail down, due to the rough ocean and heavy winds. I have been going to this resort for 15 years, and it is indeed a marvelous place.

About Port Saint Johns Airfield (FAPJ)

FAPJ is a Airfield located on a high mountain, where it towers the small fishing village of Port Saint Johns. It is one of the most dangerous approaches in South Africa, and this is due to the scary winds that often batter the airfield. You only really have one shot at the landing, if you overshoot the runway, you’ll plummet down into the ravines below, or the daring oceans, the latter, surprisingly is the worst, as Port Saint Johns is one of the most dangerous beaches when it comes to shark attacks.


ZS-UMG seen in her hanger at FAVG

1 photo per request, irrelevant of whether it’s a the aircraft or not. Nice request though mate. With a rework of the Caravan this would be an amazing livery ride fly in!

Oh, sorry, forgot about that rule, all fixed now!

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