Cessna 208 Window Bug

For the Cessna 208 on the inside you can see windows, but on the outside you can’t.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start Infinite Flight and go to any airport in a Cessna 208 FedEx Livery
    2.Look in cockpit view and look on the inside
    3.Look on the outside mode, and there is no windows

IOS 9.2
IPhone 5S

I have flown that plane many times, never noticed that !

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That’s the FedEx livery which shouldn’t have windows. You took those on the same flight with the same (FedEx) livery? Because I’ve never seen this before with the FedEx livery.

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That’s the bug, no windows on the outside, windows on the inside.

The plane was made with windows, and I think the livery just covers it up. I’m not sure if they can change the interior of the plane depending on the livery.


Oh I just didn’t understand the topic. I’ve never had this issue. But Carson is probably right.


Well anyway, you shouldn’t be able to see out if you can’t see in!


Unless it’s one way glass…


But still ;) You are able to see the glass!

There are a couple of cargo liveries that have the proper cargo interior and no windows from inside, though I can’t remember off the top of my head which ones these were. That said, I reckon you’re onto something

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1 way Windows!

I am also experiencing this problem

The Cessna 208 is a passenger aircraft; it has windows. FedEx will have covered up the windows with their livery as its unnecessary to have them. If you look at the DHL livery you can see the panels that cover the windows up.

The inside Windows should be blacked out so you can’t see through them.

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