Cessna 208 speed limit is too low?

I believe this doensn’t belong in the support category so I put it in general. Anyways, it seems like the speed limitation for the Cessna 208 in the game is too low at 175ktas. The official Cessna website says it should be 185ktas. Is this a small error or could the Cessna website be wrong?

The speed they’re specifying is in TAS, while we use IAS.
I’m in no way no expert in the field, but I assume that could make a difference?

Someone who’s better qualified at understanding the actual differences between them can probably explain that better :)


Your image shows specs for the Grand Caravan EX. We have the regular Grand Caravan. The Grand Caravan EX has increased speed and climb capabilties.


Yep, that’s what makes the difference indeed. Cessna doesn’t list the non-EX variant on their website anymore. Assumed it had the same speed limitations but the normal one does indeed have a limit of 175kts. It’s also mislabelled in game as the “Caravan,” which is the 208A variant. The model we have is actually the 208B Grand Caravan so that’s a bit confusing when searching for the specs.


Topic can be closed. :)