Cessna 208 Sound Issue

Sound in the following locations glitch/stutter:

  • Inside the aircraft on both HUD and Cockpit when at 100% power. (Part 1)
  • Right wing view much more noticeable than the stutter mentioned prior. (Part 2)

See video attached for location and sound of audio in given locations:

Devs: This was addressed in the past and was corrected; however, it seems to have returned.

Aircraft: Cessna 208

  • iPad Pro 10.5"
  • iOS 11.2.1
  • IF Build 17.12.2

Possibly related to this:


I’ve had this issue too.
iPad mini 2
iOS 11.0
Latest version

Also how are you running iOS 17?

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I have connections to Apple. 😜 Thanks for the catch.


@DeerCrusher works for apple D:

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I have this issue not only with the C208 but also the A320 series.

iPhone 8
iOS 11.2
Latest IF

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