Cessna 208 Rework

I don’t disagree, but at the same time their words and actions have led users to believe that they want their models to be up to the current standard.

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I guess this way they have a bit of both. Can’t rework all the aircraft at once.

Would be better to rework the entire plane to include ground effect AND the live cockpit.

GRRR that post here smels good

Interior aside, this is a darn good model to be honest. We see a lot of potential in the Caravan with an updated panel given how solid the exterior, physics, sound, and livery selection is. I absolutely love flying it and our own mod and ex-208 pilot, @DeerCrusher, says it’s about as good as it gets.

We’ll definitely communicate any future plans for it if and when the time comes!


If this does get a cockpit rework, would you agree that it should get updated textures in the interior and the outside? Or would that require a full rework?


Rework guaranteed I guess 😜

I’ll be taking requests and donations for my next aircraft training. 😜


Don’t get me wrong, this was my favorite aircraft in the sim before live cockpits were a thing. Love how it handles and pretty much everything else. Which is why I want it to have a cockpit that compares to all newly updates planes in the same. It’s an awesome plane

I would really like a good rework of the interior model of the plane, but would this be free again? Cuz is it’s not then there’s two less planes for us to fly :(
But still wanna see how the reworked cockpit looks like tho :)

I’ll will pay you a full ride to get type rated for the Global 7500 if we get it in Infinite Flight

sorry just kidding, I’m broke trying to get my ppl

If it is just the working instruments yeah it’s good, but if it is + the subdivision of PAX/CARGO it’s way better




You have my vote! This is an awesome airplane that’s truly allows you to explore the world. The Cessna 208 is extremely versatile and fun to fly. Community please consider voting for this rework.


gotta be one of my favorite planes

I might vote :)

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See them all the time around the islands.


Yes, the C208 needs to gain a working cockpit, and doors that open.

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Thats for sure true! I hear them every day heading to Moloka’i over my house


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