Cessna 208 minus cargo pod

I think the private livery 208s should lose the cargo pod. It looks so different image


It looks kinda… Weird.


The Iraqi army livery has no Cargo pod. I like it.


It looks sleeker once you used to it

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Really? I’ve ever even checked that. I just assumed it was like one model

Ima go check rn

Nvm then it isn’t have it

I agree that there should be some more private liveries on the 208 that do not include the cargo pod. I think that the current private liveries should still have the cargo pod.

The plane looks weird without the pod.🤔

Looks better with the pod, but I support more liveries for this aircraft.

I honestly think that it looks better with the cargo pod. It just looks weird without it IMO.

Definitely goes from looking like a pregnant tadpole to a very sleek and sharp specimen.

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I would like to see some more “cargo pod-less” liveries on the C208.