Cessna 208 Glitches

Hi everyone! This post is all about the various problems and glitches on the Cessna 208.
I know that GA aircraft have received little attention as they are not as popular as the mainline jet aircraft. I hope some of you will fix this later on as one of the problems is quite serious.

#1. Landing Gear Collapsing Into The Runway

This is surprisingly not well-known with IF pilots. Once you use a little (yes, only a little) forward elevator pressure on the 208 after landing, the nose gear goes through the ground and the propeller gets stuck. Bizarrely, it doesn’t stop spinning. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

#2. Broken Cockpit Window

Again, this is not noticed by most people. However, if you look closely, the window has a gap in it.

#3. No Instruments
In the above picture, the flight instruments don’t show up when you are using the interior drone camera. Look closely and you will see it.

#4. No Rudder Pedals
In the same picture, there are no rudder pedals beneath the pilots’ instrument panel.

Thanks for acknowledging the flaws!


The Cessna 208 is a very outdated aircraft. Feel free to put your vote below so that it can be improved on.