Cessna 208 Freighter | Generic Livery

A 208F Is in game but it’s not generic!


This is a simple livery but it fits the little aircraft!


Exactly… Wait it’s not in the simulator???


Thats the passanger one

No its not, see the cargo doors on the back.

I’m not sure what you mean but the one ingame is the passenger one. It has cargo doors on the back for the passengers’ luggage. This is requesting a cargo generic livery.

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Yes! We need this

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Great request

@leQuestions@Mr_ATC MaxSez: There are 7 C-208 F models in the inventory configured as junk carriers (windowless) What useful purpose would a “White” (generic?) one serve? Am I missing something here? (This bump was a wast of effort and a failure to research.)


CORRECTION- This aircraft is the C-208B ((Super) Cargomaster) There is no “F” model.

208 Caravan 675
Marketing designation for the 208 Caravan with a higher-powered PT6A-114A engine.[citation needed]

A Fedex 208B Super Cargomaster
208A Cargomaster
A pure-cargo version of the Caravan developed with Federal Express (now FedEx); 40 aircraft produced.[14] All 208A aircraft were serialized as 208 models.

208B Grand Caravan in Mexico with its right rear airstair door open. The 208B Grand Caravan is 4 feet (1.2 m) longer than the 208 and the passenger-carrying version has eight side windows instead of the 208’s six.
208B Grand Caravan
Officially named the 208B Caravan but marketed as the Grand Caravan. The 208B is 4 ft (1.2 m) longer than the 208; extending the cabin by the same amount. The 208B has a PT6A-114A engine. It was originally certified as a two-seater cargo version on October 9, 1986 and as a 11-seater passenger aircraft on December 13, 1989.[citation needed]v
208B Grand Caravan EX
Marketing name for upgraded version of the 208B Caravan certified in December 2012, with a more powerful 867 hp (647 kW) Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-140 that improves the rate of climb by 38% and was developed by Pratt & Whitney Canada specifically to power the 208B.[15][16] The unladen weight is 807 lb (366 kg) more but maximum payload is only 90 lb (41 kg) more. While the 192 hp (143 kW) more powerful PT6A-140 gives a 11-knot (20 km/h) higher cruise speed – and rate of climb is improved by 94 feet per minute (0.48 m/s), range is reduced to 964 nautical miles (1,785 km) on a similar fuel capacity. It requires a longer take off run at 2,160 feet (660 m) and its landing roll is at 1,871 feet (570 m).[17] Production had reached 347 aircraft as of May 2017.[18]
208B Super Cargomaster
Marketing name for the cargo variant of the 208B series. FedEx purchased 260 of this variant… (Wiki)