Cessna 208 flights

Hello everyone I was thinking of a cool route to fly today and then the cessna 208 popped into my head, heres the catch, i dont have pro sub, can any of you guy tell me a flight with the 208 withou pro sub pls

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I really like TFFR to TNCM in the Air Caraibes livery. That whole region is absolutely beautiful. If you’re not into ‘realism’ take one of the caravans in the private livery and explore the airports available to you.

Even without a live subscription, there are so many flying opportunities in some really great regions. It sure is better now than when I first started out. Have fun!


Thank you for that!!!

No problem. I’m not a ‘realism’ guru myself and have had some of my best moments exploring places that I’d never visit in real life. Screw the livery, callsign, and realism po-po. This is Infinite Flight for crying out loud, the opportunities are endless!

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I agree lol

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