Cessna 190/195

The Cessna 195 is a 4 or 5 seat aircraft, powered by either Jacobs, or Continental engines. The 195 was first introduced in 1947 and was built all the way up to 1954, 1,180 were built between the 190 and the 195. The 190 was a slightly less powerful version of the 195. The 190 having a 240 horsepower Continental, and the 195 having a Jacobs R-755 7 cylinder radial 300 hp engine. This is a beautiful vintage, classic aircraft that deserves to be in IF. It’s just a big old comfy cruiser. Its very quiet, and relatively fast. Having flown in one numerous times, I think this relic deserves to be including in Infinite Flight. Here are some photos.
(This is the one I have flown in quite a few times)
Image can be found on Flickr.com

Please Consider.

How have I not heard of this plane? Thats a really cool looking aircraft.


I have voted

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I saw one flying over low over me! Voted, looks elegant and vintage

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I thought so too! that’s why I posted it :)

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