Cessna 188 Pacific Rescue

This is probably one of the most exciting Wikipedia articles I’ve ever read, I had never heard of this story. A Cessna aircraft had an ADF malfunction so was lost over the Pacific. A nearby airliner with 80 passengers started a search for it and was able to find it and lead it to an airport.

BTW, here is more info on the whole story, including the “aural boxing” technique referred to in the article: http://www.navworld.com/navcerebrations/mayday.htm


That was a very interesting read!

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Now I wonder if I get lost in the air, could I manage sun-reference navigation? :)

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That was an interesting read. I wonder if the Air New Zealand flight had to divert, return to Fiji I’m guessing they would have to after dumping that fuel.

There was a film made about it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercy_Mission:_the_Rescue_of_Flight_771

If I looked at the sun for reference, I would go blind and start saying “thank you, sun” while plummeting out of the sky… :(

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