Cessna 182 Skylane flight

Just thought I’d share some pics of a flight I took in a buddy’s 182 Skylane this past weekend. It’s a newer 182 with a Garmin G1000 full glass cockpit. Sorry for the less-than-stellar quality of the photos but I was just so jazzed to be up in the air I barely thought to take any! He gave me the controls and I got to do some steep turns and even a couple of stalls. We flew out of my local airport in the Northern California foothills (KAUN).

A great experience and it just fed my desire to get my private pilot. Can’t wait to go up with him again! I’ll try and remember to snap some better pics for you guys next time. 😉


Nice pics! I used to fly in a G1000 but my flight school replaced them with SR22’s

Always love the G100. The 182 is an amazing airplane, hope you had a good flight!

Ah cool. My buddy trained and flies out of KPAO where Max Trescott is based. If you know SR22s you’ve probably heard of Max. 😬 I enjoy his Podcast Aviation News Talk.

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Love the 182! Got to fly one in Hawaii

Thought I recognized those mountains… Auburn is a pretty sweet little airport! Looks like you had fun.

Also you guys have an amazing resturaunt. The breakfast burrito itself is worth the fight over.

I love the 182. I have a total of 1 hour flying and like it better than the 172

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