Cessna 180


The scesna 180 is a light sport aircraft. The airframe is all all metal, or aluminum. The plane has a 4 seat option, and a six seat model. It’s nickname is the “sky wagon” the plane is famous for its bush capabilities, and its reputation in the general aviation community, as a personal aircraft. Many companies use it for charter.

If you watch the show “era Alaska” the Cessna 180 is jims plane. His famous butch plane that started his company.

This plane would be fun for bush flying in Alaska, or the alps. It would also be fun to have a new taildrager, and more G.A aircraft.

Love it, would actually love to use this airctaft for fun VFR flights around PAKT when global comes out


I agree! That’s why I voted for it, would love to also see the version with the 1500$ bush tires.

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It’s Meh. It’s basically a Cessna Skyhawk taildragger and that’s basically it.

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No it’s not. It’s actually a loght sport aircraft with the capabilities to do off airport landings. You are entiltled to your opinion, I suggest you do some research on it! 😊

A great little aircraft it is! Never flown on it myself but I’ve seen them around Ymry

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I completely agree, maybe you will vote!

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Very nice plane I hope we get :)

Actually it isn’t an LSA it’s a light utility aircraft :)


Can we make this a thing? #TailDraggersNeedLove


Copletly agree! Hopefully you voted!