Cessna 172S - Registration F-HATZ

Hey guys


Today I want to request the Cessna 172S with registration F-HATZ

It’s an easy, but still quite modern design on this Cessna. In my opinion it just looks good on the Cessna

You might think where have I seen this before? don’t worry, this aircraft has been in lots of aviation memes ;)

About Cessna

About the 172

I have never seen that livery before? 🤔

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Then you haven’t seen every C172 livery

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Not sure I don’t actually take notices of liveries when browsing through memes, and most liveries in the 172 are just similar. 🤷‍♂️

Maybe I am wrong?

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Just so you know, the wiki pages are in Norwegian ;)

It is commonly used, and it is a nice livery

Oops, going to fix it when I get home

How would that be humanly possible? You would have to like have a bunch of people fly their Cessnas out to one location so you can look at every livery. Like have fun wasting a lot of money just to look at Cessnas. Not to mention junked Cessnas with different liveries.

or you could teleport like a superior being

Good news! Livery is confirmed.

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Is the aircraft yours?

No, it’s not my plane, I added it cause of this


F-HATZ is coming to the simulator!


happy to see this livery make the list C: