Cessna 172M Skyhawk | VH-WXX

VH-WXX Feature request


A lot of people would like to see an Australian GA livery in the game. WXX's livery is clean and modern, and would make GA flying down under more realistic. It's also different from the vast amount of N- registered GA aircraft in the game. So why not cast a vote? We need all the support we can to get Whiskey X-ray X-ray in to the game.

About the Cessna 172

Thank you :)

That is actually a pretty cool livery! Definitely got my vote ;)


For some reason it reminds if the Gold Coast. Wish I could vote but I’m out of them more limited little things.

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Looks retro kind of. A little too generic for me but you have my support. Don’t forget to vote for your own topic!

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Thanks, wish I could vote but I’m out of votes.