Cessna 172!?

I’ve searched far and wide, long and hard, and I can’t find a place that shows step by step how to start a Cessna 172. I know I can use auto-start but that isn’t realistic. This includes the mixtures, avionics, etc. Please help! Thx!!!

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Hey there! Here are some helpful topics to help you with the Cessna 172!

Hope these help!

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Hey Chase, this is a good place to start. I use @Will_A’s checklist

Cessna 172 Checklist - Infinite Flight

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Master Battery, Avionics, Standby Battery, Mixture in an adequate level, Fuel Pump, Magnetos to Start.

The ones described above are great checklists. Here is also a real world checklist, if you’d like it. This is the one that I use.

Hope this helps!

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Also on YouTube you can search “Cessna 172 start up” gives you very detail results.

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