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Not sure if this belongs to support but anyway…Hi everyone. So today i planned to do a GA flight and i chose the Cessna 172. Unfortunately i couldnt complete it because i couldnt even climb (stalled twice) to my cruising altitude which was 6,500 feet. I rotated at 60 kts and climbed at 600-700 fpm while trying to maintain a speed of 75 kts until cruise alt. That was impossible though as the plane could not maintain that speed and would continously stall and struggle to climb. So im wondering is it the IF bad physics or im doing something wrong. I hope someone can answer


Maybe you were too heavy ? If not then I’m not sure, maybe fly slightly faster (110-120 knots) and climb a bit slower. Also if it was very warm then that will have an effect.

I would always climb with 120kt with a C-172!


I tried flying faster but it made it worse. Temperature was normal. And this was the weight. Normal i think?

Really? Was it struggling or just a normal climb?

Honestly, I’ve never had any issues with this plane, except trying to land it but that is a pilot issue. This was one of the first, if not the first, plane to come out when Infinite Flight was release (I think they first release the CRJ-200 and C172). I don’t know if it has been reworked on since then so this could just be a plane with low quality physics and less development.

With that, maybe try recalibrating right before take off to make sure you aren’t out of position for a proper takeoff.

I understand, thanks. I completely missed a detail though which i think caused the whole issue. The airport s elevation was 2,300 ft

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I could guess which aircraft is coming in 2019…

Maybe this will be fixed because I never had this problem neither. Being so slow on climb isn’t the usual.

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That is ridiculous. I fly the C172, and I can tell you 120 knots is waaayyyy to fast to climb.
Normally you rotate at 55knots, and climb at around 72 knots. This is because if you climb slower, you are going up at a higher rate. As a result, if there is an engine failure, you have more time to glide and/or find a place to land.

However, I don’t know how realistic the physics on the C172 in IF are…

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@Will_A as they said earlier, it depends on the weight of the aircraft. You cannot rotate at 55kts with a semi-full loaded C172/182

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@Will_A In fact, in Civil Air Patrol with three people in the plane, we rotate at 67kts

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Yup, it does vary depending on many factors. I’m talking about 300ft elevation, 7,000 foot runway, 2 people in the aircraft.
I know it does change

The C172 needs a MAJOR rework. It stalls for me too. Terrible physics.


Ya the cessna is still on the 2012 physics I can feel it when I try to fly it.

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May I ask if you’re hand-flying it to cruise or are you using the AP?

Pitch for speed throttle for altitude. I’ve flown the 172 in IF many times it handles just like the real aircraft.

Rotate at 55 lift off around 60-65 climb out at 75. No flaps on takeoff unless it’s a 1,000 foot runway.


I just took off at an airport at 2000 ft elevation. 100% load/MTOW. No problem to climb out.

Vote here for a rework:

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So I used to have my PPL (long story why I don’t anymore. DM if you’re interested but anyways) and I would sometimes rent the 172 to fly. My suggestion is if your stalling, like other people said, raise your speed and drop your vertical speed. I find around 100 knots at 700-800 fpm vertical speed is very good. But it all depends on your weight. So just do some test takeoffs on the casual server or in singleplayer and see what works for you. If you have any other questions feel free to DM me.

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