Cessna 172

Hey All, Im looking for someone who knows how to fly the Cessna 172 professionally, I would like to learn the proper way here on IF! Happy Flying

Any specific questions about it? I should be able to help you with some things.

Im just looking how to fly it properly in Infinite Flight

I just had a flashback to the old Cessna Tutorial back in the day…


Which I couldn’t find, btw. I was looking for one to send him. Do you still have it?

In app tutorial @Dubya

ohh thats right. ah, the good ole days

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Well, (IK this is not what you do IRL, just how to do it in IF) you start the engine, taxi slowly to your runway, and take off. Take off power should be 100%, rotate between 60-70 knots, and climb out at 80-90 knots. The cruise speed is usually 120 knots. When landing, approach at 70 knots, and make sure to use your rudder if it is windy, as this is an important aspect of the C172. Flare at about 10 feet, bring the power to 0%, and then touchdown. I usually stall the aircraft by letting it float down the runway, as this prevents the bouncing on touchdown. Hopefully this helped a bit!

Someone say Cessna 172👀


I was waiting for this haha


There are a lot of people on here that fly the 172 IRL including myself and @N1DG. Fill free to dm is it anyone else

You know it was coming


What I do in real life with my instructor is very similar, but I reduce to 0% throttle right when I’m over the runway (because I know I will make it) and roll out at about ten feet, then flare to resist the dip in airspeed until I touch down.

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Hi Dan C,

If you are looking for the more technical aspect of flying the 172, I would read the POH like this one here.

Some good rules of thumb. Flaps 10 below 110kts, flaps 20 and 30 allowed when in the white arc, 85kts and under. Good landing speed is 61kts short field 65kts otherwise at flaps 30. Takeoff flaps up for the most part, flaps 10 if necessary, pulling the yoke at 55kts, rotate at 60kts. Climb around 75kts.

Hope this helped


I do. I fly it daily. PM me for info

170 real world hours I know pretty much everything about it

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