Cessna 172

πŸ€”πŸ€” Rotation 55-65 weight dependent. Approach speed is 65-70 with 20 degrees of flaps. Climb 78-80 (500 feet normal).

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the landing in a cessna is full flaps at least in real life

Not all the time. Usually pilots only use 10 degrees

While the Cessna 172S POH does clearly state that pilots can choose any flap setting for a normal landing, I don’t personally know of any pilots that regularly use anything less that flaps 30 for normal landings. While there are always exceptions to norms, to say that pilots usually land with flaps 10 would be a stretch.

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Landing flaps 10 is asking for trouble. There should be only a handful times when I have landed flaps 10. I land mostly flaps 20 sometimes 30 if it’s a shorter runway


I remember those specs from a certain university (cough cough ERAU). They worked wonderfully when flying the Skyhawk and I still use them to this day!

I do not know any pilots that use flaps at 10 degrees or none it is just asking for trouble

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