Cessna 172 without wheel fairings

Does anyone else want the C172 to NOT have those fairings over the wheels? I always liked the older ones without the fairings and the new ones don’t really feel smooth.


Just would like to bump this - inwould start a new feature request but I’ll use this instead. It makes it look a lot cleaner in my opinion.


Maybe just more options or you can choose

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More than a livery choice, like sharklet or not :)

Yes exactly

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@13yearoldpilot… MaxSez: Aesthetics’s… let’s use a little logic when we consider design change to one of the most popular GA’s in the world. The stock Fairings where added to later models of the 172 as aerodynamic enhancement, not for looks.
Wheel fairings on non-retractable gear are not geegaw, they streamline airflow,
Increaseing the speed/stability envelope and reduce drag thus increasing efficiency and improved fuel burn and range. (They also catch FOD when the craft is operated on/from grass/dirt aerodrome. Think about it!


Fair enough I suppose. I’m used to a 152 with no pants!

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Looks like this long lost request has been granted. Look at those beautiful wheels 😍

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Congratulations! You will see this feature in a future Infinite Flight update!