Cessna 172 VFR from Podgorica to Corfu

Today was a warm sunny day in south-eastern Europe, perfect for VFR, so i decided to take my little C172 out for a ride. I departed Podgorica in Montenegro and follow the beautiful Albanian coastline all the way down to the Greek island of Corfu. Here are some pics i managed to get:

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Over lake Shkodër, shared between Albania and Montenegro. Largest lake in Southern Europe

The Buna river delta, with the Ada Bojana island in the middle. Albanian-Montenegrin border

The Karavasta lagoon

The uninhabited Karaburun peninsula and Sazan island

Beautiful Albanian riviera, where the mountains and sea meet

The seaside city of Sarandë. My hometown also visible in the distance

Lake Butrint and Ksamil village, entering Greek airspace

Aaaand on final to Corfu

Hope you like em!


Nice! I love the C172, it never fails to impress.

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Absolutely! I ve been flying only airliners for the past months. This felt like a breath of fresh air

Man, I love the Albanian beaches. I’ve gone to Ksamil for my summer vacation for something like 8 years straight. Due to the current situation with the widespread virus, I don’t think I’ll be able to go and I’m gonna miss this place so much!

Is your hometown Aliko by any chance?

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Wow thats great to hear 😅

My hometown is Delvinë

Great pictures from a small height! 👌

Thanks mate! 8,500 ft btw

No problem, mate!

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Absolutely stunning! Need to fly a low approach into Corfu some day. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! Corfu approach never gets old

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Loving the shots Nepper! Keep it up 👌

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Thanks, appreciate it

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These are great! Love the last one!

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Thanks!! 😀

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Beautiful region. Perfect for low and slow flying.

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