Cessna 172 Sunset TouchN Goes after Work!

After work on Saturday, I went out to my local airport too do some takeoffs and landings in the Cessna 172 I fly. Now working on my insturment rating there isn’t a whole lot of landing so with that being said I was a little rust on landings so I decided on a calm mild warm and muggy evening I decided that it would be a good time too practice some landings and get myself comfortable again. Instead of doing a normal TA, I went for a long final of 3-4 miles so I can be established and have a better stable approach and not rush things. After flying for an hour and making three buttery smooth landings it was time too park the plane but first full it up with a total of 8 gallons of Avgas for a cross country the next day. IMG_2325


Awesome I would love to fly the 172 one day! I love those pictures.

Thanks! There easy aircraft too fly!

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it sounds fun to do that!
let alone in the afternoon while enjoying the sunset :)

It was a lot of fun! Nothing to me beats it at all

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