Cessna 172 sunset pictures

So I’m thinking about maybe doing aviation photography soon so I decided to take a few pictures with my iPhone 7 of the Cessna 172 I fly during sunset. What does the community think?


This is absolutely incredible, especially using just an iPhone. You get cookies 🍪🍪🍪.


Nice photos… The iPhone 7 has a really good camera in it to be able to get those pics. Love the one where the sun is behind the Cessna coming through it!


Appreciate the feedback. And yah its got an amazing camera that i had not got to test so decided id take some airplane photos.


glad you like it. it was the first one i took

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If you go to the camera settings, you can get set the camera to be 4K however it takes up a larger amount of space… It’s worth it though using 4K on some photos!

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! 😍

Nice photos. If you continue this, you’ll soon realize that you need a better camera if its something that you wish to pursue. For me at least, I was using my 6+ for everything, and just gave in to get DSLR. It’s paid off. Looking forward to your next set of photos. 👌🏼


I’ll look into it and see if I can figure it out

Thanks. Imma see what I can still do with my phone, I at this point can’t afford a camera

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4K is video res. Doesn’t affect photos.

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I am in advanced photography. So, I think you may need a cleaner background with no harsh lighting. Also, change up your angle and focus more on the plane. You have a really deep depth of field, and I prefer shallow as it shines a light on the subject. One more thing, use the rule of thirds. Put the plane in different areas of your frame to make it less “snapshoty.” You have really high potential. The lighting was fantastic when you didn’t have the sun in it. Great photos!

With just using a phone! Incredible!

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I know that! It makes your pictures look better too though. Not just video. I tried and they looked a lot better.

This was taken with my phone. Was also my first tie time doing it so. Have no idea where to set up or what do too was really just winging it. I couldn’t get any different angles as there was limited ramp space. I also can’t affiord a big expensive camera

1st, 2nd, and 3rd are the best:)

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These shots are amazing! I’ll use one of these as my wallpaper.

You don’t really need a big, expensive camera. It’s all about where you take the photo. :)

Those are some really nice photos, but most of all nice plane! 😉 Gotta love a classic aircraft.

Depends on what you want to do with it. Big, expensive cameras are great to take in-flight pictures. From my experience, phones and Go-Pro cameras always fail at capturing the moment as it was (always an issue with colors not rendering properly, the propeller being spottable…).

A small camera is still pretty nice though. I personally use a small Canon for in-flight pictures and it does the trick pretty well (despite for the propeller).