Cessna 172 Spotting my Brother

I decided to take the day off from flying and go to The airport and spot my brother flying some insturment approaches. I was sitting under the ILS for Runway 1 a mere few hundred yards from the runway. Enjoy


Atleast tag your brother… @N1RG

Glad that you guys are having fun flying! Hoping to get up in the air in like 2-3 weeks on a fixed wing again


Pictures looks very nice, well at least better then mine

Haha he’s flying. Didn’t want to bother with it 😂

Location location is key

Shot on android. 😂

But seriously I wish I could just sit right under the ILS and not get in trouble lol


lol it was an iPhone. It’s a GA airport on Sunday. Not really much going on and figured well you can’t get in trouble taking pictures of airplanes


Thanks for the tag…since someone didn’t want to lol

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True True. None of the GA airports have a good place to stand under the ILS, except MAYBE KLUK.

Know the airport layout and make friends there. How I can do things without being in trouble

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100% CVG is hard, because of employee lots and cargo entrances, lol

LUK has a path that goes around the airport, so when it’s finally sunny again, maybe I’ll try that

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