Cessna 172 Sounding Like an Airliner

Hi i am new to Infinite Flight but i have noticed that when i increase power i can hear the cessna 172 sound file together with the airliner jet sound…how do i correct this. Many Thanks



I don’t seem to have this problem.

(P.S Welcom to the forums!)


No problem with that, but yes difficulties to take off. Welcome aboard to the community by the way!!

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You mean the sound of air rushing…or the jet engine sound

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restart your game perhaps? could you describe the sound maybe even a recording but perhaps I’m asking for too much :p

Hi Thomas if I select any airliner and am ready for take off I can hear the jet engines but as I increase engine power to full I can also hear the cessna 172 nouse at the same time it seems both sound files are playing at the same time…I’ve re installed the game but the same happens again…any thoughts on what I should do ???

Maybe a restart of your device will help this problem

is it on live? or solo?

Hi it happens on solo

This could be the sound of the air rushing over the plane. As stated before, you can try to restart your device and reinstall the game. Welcome to the forums!