Cessna 172 Rework

Snagged this from Facebook. I found it funny.


Heh, heh. Chuckle

Come on guys! Give this beauty the same amount of love as the A350. C172 was center stage in the 19.4 Premiere video today. IRL, you wouldn’t be able to fly the A350 without having to first fly one small piston prop. 🙂


Agreed :) This will be my go to… Revolutionary

This aged well.

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Preach! The best flying happens in the 172. I’m already planning the delivery of a G1000 Cessna to my flight school at HPN.

Please people, let’s see the 172 love!


Well I still haven’t seen a livery that I was hoping for…But I am excited to fly from my local airport.

C172 is a great aircraft, but the A359 definitely takes the win in this update.

Unless its a livery that is common, its unlikely you’ll see the livery you’re hoping for. Especially if it comes from a small local airport.

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This is what we call

Symptoms include:

Only flying commercial
Flying only long hauls
Feeling accomplished for making an APPR landing
Turning A/P on at 400agl

Potential cures are:

Flying GA
Learning to Hand Fly



I guess that’s true…But there are still plenty of liveries to choose.

This is what I was hoping for…

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@Maxmustang would probably agree with your post Will. 😂


How long would be a world tour in the C172 🤔

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About 110 NM per hour is cruise… so yeah.

Edit: @DeerCrusher was more exact. You need to take into account altitude and winds.

Lets see, your average ground speed will probably be between 120-135kts. Circumference of the Earth is _________km/miles.

It would take a long time.


About 9 months, apparently.

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2020 will be a fun year then 😳

Just wondering what is considered a common livery? Are the civilian liveries well known or just came up with?
I know some common liveries are Civil Air Patrol which appears to have been confirmed from IF instagram because civil air patrol is everywhere.

Well everyone we’ve made it the C172 will be shortly at some point this month released to us so farewell this topic for know