Cessna 172-Recent Flight Experiences/Go-Arounds can save your life,

Background Information: Myself and @N1RG were doing a short 60 mile cross country up too a local airport that we have been to many times. We were at 3.500 feet going Northeast bound heading over to this airport.

Scenerio: As we got closer to the airport, we started planning our decent and going through our before landing checklists. at 20 miles out we listened to the airport weather and determined that runway 5 would be the best landing runway. We were making our position calls every 10, 7,5, and 3 miles and i even made at 15 miles to let anyone listening that we were inbound to land. As we were making our radio calls, a king air departed before us with no problems. As we got slowed down and put the flaps down, I noticed a high wing Cessna holding short, As my brother made a 1 mile final call this airplane decides that he wants to call departing and so when i see him take the runway, i quickly tell Ryan who is mt co-pilot go-around and as i was adding power and pulling in the carburetor heat, i than established a positive rate of climb and he slowly brought the flaps up. We landed safely the next time around.

Lesson: Not all flights are routine and so when you do go fly, expect the unexpected. AND student pilots, let this be a lesson that go-arounds are perfectly acceptable. So, what does the community think of this. Share your opinions below.


I think this is 100% True and I love the real world pilots on IFC teaching us about aviation.
Thanks, Glad you made it safely.
Great work captain


Thanks. Appreciate the feedback


WoW! This is really nice. I plan to be a future pilot soon and I plan to make this known in my logbook of best aviation stories.


I can definitely imagine if I was a student pilot that I would want to get it right the first time around all of the time, so its great to hear from real world pilots that go-arounds are not a problem. It makes me feel more confident about learning to fly in the future. Thanks for sharing your experience!


I book marked this I think it is an important thing to look back on!


Awesome glad you enjoyed it

Glad you feel confident in flying again

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Awesome. Glad I could have that positive impact

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