Cessna 172 real life comparison

Brand new student pilot here, have begun training piloting the 172 Skyhawk. I wanted to give my first impressions how this aircraft compares to IF. The first thing I noticed is the plane has much more power on initial accent than portrayed on IF, allowing a much faster and aggressive climb. The second thing I noticed is the flaps at 10 degree and 20 degree slowed down the aircraft dramatically more in real life than IF. Also the plane in real life did not carry through the air when throttling down and would loose speed much faster than IF. Again I’m very new, I don’t know much but this is my best shot at these observations. Any experienced pilots out there that can back up these claims?


Hey Colby!

First of all Welcome! We’re glad to have you. Yes, we realize the Cessna 172 needs a little work. The 172 is one of the first few aircraft that were added when Infinite Flight was released. The physics are a bit outdated and could use some TLC. With that said, there is an ongoing discussion which I’ll link below that you can chat with others about.

Perhaps one day we’ll get to see this bird reworked and flying as a SkyChicken… I mean a SkyHawk should. 😉

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Thank you very much! I look forward to learning from other members and eventually giving tips as I progress through my certifications.


I’ve got a lot of hours in the skychicken and can probaby answer most questions regarding the airplane. My inbox is always open


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