Cessna 172 question

I’ve been flying on infinite flight for a few years now and I’ve always wondered why it’s so hard to take off with the 172. The plane always goes to one side when taking off. Do any of you guys know why or how to fix it?

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The 172 being such a small and light aircraft is affected heavily by winds. Make sure to use enough rudder on takeoff and landing

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It just how single engine aircraft act and it actually does in real life. Wind makes bit different but general idea is when you takeoff, aircraft try to go left due to many reason. So when you take off, you should use right rudder to keep straight.

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It does not have the left turning tendencies in infinite flight.

Oh crap lol I forgot about that. Forgive me what I said

Actually, yes it does ;)

Um no it does not have the left turning tendencies. The airplane will veer in the direction the wind is coming from.

From my knowledge, it’s extremely slight, and mostly happens with you’re at unreasonable fast speeds.

Reworked aircraft are designed with updated physics to give you a real life flight experience. Nothing is wrong with the Cessna 172 in Infinite Flight. Here are some tips…

#1. Fly on low wind days, or at low wind airports with pristine conditions. It isn’t made to handle high winds like some of the bigger commercial airplanes. When dealing with crosswinds, adjust your rudder slightly but accordingly.

#2. Moniter your ground speed during the takeoff roll. VR (rotate) is about 55kts (varies on weight). Try to rotate at that speed to ensure a smooth takeoff.

The Cessna 172 is definitely a hard aircraft to master, or at least get right. Practice flying in solo mode at your local, or GA dominated airport. Change wind for variable weather conditions. Always moniter the wind direction and strength. This will give you an idea of what direction you need to turn the rudder, and how hard.

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