Cessna 172 pulling left while taxiing

When you take off, does it continue to veer to the left while in the air? Or is it only on the taxiway.

Left turning tendency is simulated in IF. It just shouldn’t be appearing with the low power setting attributed to taxiing.

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Have you rebooted your device?
Does it happen at all airports or just that one?
In your settings is Auto Coordination on?
Does it happen on Solo with zero wind?

Keep in mind that the 172 was reworked and the physics are different from before.

from my understanding it is not as I have heard it from some other on the forum and I have been able to take off with no rudder in calm winds

I never actually took off

Going to do some testing now, just got back home.

If you can, try to take off best you can, and see what happens

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I can’t find it right now but I saw recently Jason said there was no torque modeled on the 172.

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Looks like the problem has fixed itself

Device has been rebooted (however previously I was having the issue before and after a reboot)
As far as I know it was only that airport (GCFV) but I am no longer having the issue so I can’t know
Auto Coordination was always off
It does not happen in solo

So I’m actually experiencing the same issue. Only problem is I have tried rebooting and it is still a problem. It has been a problem for me at all the airports I have used with the C172. I do have Auto Coordination on. It is really weird as it is very difficult to taxi which is unfortunate.

Just to be sure can you try with auto coordination off?

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what are the winds?

As my flight instructor would say, MORE RIGHT RUDDER!

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@Pilot_B… MaxSez: All things considered but “Ailerons” are never motioned. Let take them one at a time; Propeller induced “Torque”, Basic Science, Objects in motion, Prop turns Right Torque has an Opposite reaction, pull to the left. Second: All Control Surfaces have a purpose. Rudders are not used alone. Rudder/Ailerons must work in unison. It’s called “Coordinated Turns/Adjustments. On Crabs, Slips and Quartering Cross Wind thr Rudder is applied fir direction, Ailerons are used to lower the. Windward Wing downward to compensate induced drag cased by weather.
Think. about t… If you can ride a bike you can fly a plane. It’s the “ Man not the machine”! Practice makes perfect.

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Hi there, and thanks for the thoughtful response. The only issue I have with this is that torque is not modeled yet in IF, so there is no left-turning tendency caused by the increase of thrust. Also, I was not using ailerons the whole time, just rudder. And, after testing later on with the same exact conditions, the issue was not happening, which makes me think that it truly was a bug in the game.

@Pilot_B. MaxSez: I disagree. But I’ll give ia response a pass. Your Over-Confidence and fourth right attitude proceed you.
Goodnight, Max

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I agree to disagree

@Pilot_B. MaxSez: As a teen like you I disagreed with most adults most of the time. What ever floats your boat.

(Last Post ‘this thread”)

I’m sorry if I came across as over confident or rude, just wanted to voice my reasoning. Goodnight!

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