Cessna 172 pulling left while taxiing

Hello, I went and tried to do some patterns in the 172, but I encountered a strange glitch. Whenever I was taxiing in a straight line, the plane would suddenly pull left. It wasn’t caused by the wind because I was taxiing with a direct tailwind, and the pull wasn’t a constant thing, it only happened every 10 or 20 seconds, but it was pretty violent. I also restarted my device, restarted the flight, and reset my settings and encountered the same issue. Here are two videos:

In this first video you can see I was pulling the rudder hard right when it was turning left.

Is this still happening?

It happened multiple times on two separate flights with a restart in between, but after the second flight I didn’t try again

My guess is left turning tendency calculation error. Left turning tendency like that should only happen when you apply high power.
Check if other single engine prop aircraft does that

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Ok I can’t check right now but I will later, thanks for the reply.

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Let’s work to begin to diagnose those rather than guess work.

So your device is fully calibrated and ready to go?

Confirm device type, software version and also what server you were in?

In the first video, it looks like you had neutral rudder when it started rolling to the left which probably shouldn’t happen.

To get out of it, I assume you should keep the rudder (nose wheel) straight rather than deflecting it fully to the right (as well as braking), as the nose wheel will simply reverse positions and start rolling backwards, continuing in the turn towards the left.

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Ok. I think in the second video I had neutral rudder while it was turning. thanks for the response!

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I just tested it and it is only happening on the 172, not other prop planes

It makes sense for a single-prop aircraft to veer to the left when applying increased engine power, as explained above. Maybe this is more noticeable on the 172 because it is newer aircraft with updated physics.

Regarding the videos you shared, my guess is that the severe left turn movement is a result of left turning tendency, winds, and the hard right rudder you applied. The 172 is a light aircraft, and rudder movements are generally more noticeable than on larger aircraft. I would try taxiing in Solo mode with no winds and see how that goes.

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Sorry, I didn’t see this earlier. I was calibrated, iPad 6th Gen with latest iOS, and expert server.

Thanks for the response. The 172 doesn’t simulate torque, so it shouldn’t pull left when I increase thrust. Also, the plane wasn’t veering to the right at all even though I was making right turns and applying right rudder pressure right before I started recording. What’s more, the plane was making some pretty violent turns, even when I wasn’t applying right rudder. I just don’t see how this would be something that is in the game intentionally as it made taxiing to the runway almost impossible.

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It never happens to me. Is there anything you can think of that you do differently? Even something as seemingly small as weight and balance.

Nope. I checked to make sure my fuel tanks were even as well.

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Did you have auto-coordination on and apply left aileron? Might want to turn that off if you do.

Nope, no auto coordination

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@schyllberg something for you guys I think.


This is natural for single engine prop planes. This happens due to the fact the the propeller is spinning which is creating a pulling force. Just apply some right rudder and you’ll be back on track.

Yes but the left turning tendencies are not in infinite flight.

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This actually happened to me at KAXV yesterday, but the 172 was pulling to the right…