Cessna 172 Pilot Bug

Hello guys.

I found this “Bug” kind of thing with the Pilot of the Cessna 172 in the sim.

As you can see in the picture below, there is a pilot that is visible from the Outside view of the aircraft.

All good until you go into Cockpit view. As you can see in the pictures below, the pilot seems to have disappeared and has now turned invisible.

Thank you.


Wow cant believe no one has noticed this, this is some deep stuff here.

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The pilot must be some type of ghost.

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lol, I’ve been in Cessna 172 several times but…

The guy is a low key goober😂😂😂😂


I’ve noticed him before, just never said anything about it cause I always thought it was there for a reason.

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I did, seemed sorta useless :/

I don’t think this is a bug…

When i saw this reported i was like…Hahahahaha lol…is this really a bug¡¡¿¿i thought it was meant to be that way…ok let me not make my assumptions…lol

Too many violations.

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Do you mean they should add hands on the yoke?

His whole body is missing in cockpit view.

He looks creepy

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But if there’s already someone there, where will we as pilots sit? ;)
They shouldn’t have added that image from the outside view.
I guess it’s sort of an Easter egg. :)

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It’s not a bug, or anything new. Just one of those quirks that have been around for a while.