Cessna 172 more realistic; needs flight dynamic tweaks

I realize that I’m the only person that doesn’t fly an airbus all the time, but it really bothers me that the 172 is so squirrelly. This plane in real life is a lot more stable than in the sim. A few key items with regards to flight dynamics that need tweaking:

Taxi - When taxiing the plane the actual aircraft is quite a bit more responsive than in the sim… it doesn’t just veer off one direction, and/or skid around

Takeoff - It’s true that P-Factor exists and the application of opposite rudder must be applied on takeoff roll, however, the plane won’t just veer off to one side… the p-factor is a steady force not a jerking force…

Takeoff (2) - Crosswinds do effect the 172, however in 5 - 10 knot crosswinds the plane will not just jerk off the runway due to the crosswind… especially 5 - 10… 15 - 20 you will feel it a bit more, but again it’s not a jerking motion, it’s relative to acceleration, like p-factor.

Climb - The 172, both 160 and 180 hp both will climb quite nicely at 500 - 700 fpm… at about 85 knots… in the sim if you climb out at around 10 degrees nose up or 500 fpm the airspeed drops drastically… this isn’t realistic.

It’d be great if the 172 could be tuned up a little bit to be more realistic because it’s a great model to fly!!


Great idea, but secs don’t really care about the little ones, because the money rolls in on the big ones. But don’t worry, there going to have a physics update soon-ish.


Yeah the 172 really needs an update.


You’re probably right, but I’ve bought every plane they put on sale… I’d buy a spruced up 172 I guess too! lol!

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More liveries aswell


Sounds great. I’d love a full overhaul of the 172 (though to be fair, it’s been through one already; the original model has nothing on the current one as it is)


I love the 172… In FSX I can go into certain files and alter the flight dynamics really easily… I wonder if they could just tweak a few things the same way without really doing to much work? Although, I would like to see a few more civil aircraft in detail too! Maybe a PC-12 or Kingair or something!!


Flown a tour in one, real life :D yes, it dosent fly realistic in IF :/ when pull up and down in the air, with the controller/stearing thing xD it does a fun movement in real life. like its stil move in a motion up and down, after the stick is in the middle. Hard to explain xD but you guys sure know what i mean :D

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Pls more liveries and fix the cockpit, like 3D, with lights if u change the time (sunrise, sunset,night).
Thanks for advance. Nice job.

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Max Sez… I’ve got more 172 hours than anyone on this platform and a “few” in the real world you bet’cha! The 2 edition platform now in the inventory meets or exceeds my expectations. A few tweeks to the physics and a new suit or two would suit me fine. The one thing that needs to be dumped though is that “little Mattey” Figurine in the left seat. Hutspa nothing less!


All I want to change is. All prop planes need some engine torque on takeoff anyone who has ever flown one will know what I’m talking about the thing should pull to the left when applying power. Same with the SR22 and the 208.


Hahah I like the pilot, Max :) a little cheesy, but at least he makes it look like someone other than Casper is actually flying the plane :)

The P-38 & Spitfire need some tweaky too. Some planes have pepsi onboard but the props need snickers.

Bumping this up because the C172 needs also ground effect.


Backing you up!i do agree

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Oops I made a Duplicate https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/cessna-172-rework/106210