Cessna 172 Modeling Glitches

So I dont know what topic this would go under, if you know feel free to change it, my bad in advance.

So after flying my Skyhawk from Norfolk up to Chicago for the Oshkosh arrival flight today, I noticed some very major glitches inside the cockpit of the aircraft.

Here is what I’ve spotted so far:

These are some pretty substantial glitches and I’m not creating this thread to say “hey this plane needs to be reworked”, it’s more to bring attention to have this issue acknowledged.

Again if this should be put in a different topic, please help me by doing so. Thanks


The 172 is an older aircraft in the IF fleet. These are known issues and it will be addressed at some point in the future.


I saw this with the B788 yesterday as well.

Roger, again I had no idea about this and I haven’t seen a thread about this issue so I thought I should inform in case this was unnoticed.