Cessna 172 Liveries


Not just the Aeroflot i think Real airline liveries for the C172 would look great itll be cool seeing air new zealand or american liveries on this aircraft n im sure it would get more people into flying it.

Come on FDS not everything has to be 100% realistic:)


One photo and request per features topic please. But I do agree with you totally (only if they are actually used), that would be nice 😊


Fixed itttt:)

I’d like this too.

Fixed a bit more 🙂

How about you use the Turkish one because that is real

Thats already got a topic about it

And the fictional aeroflot looks way better

@v_berezh forget the soviet planes, here is a classic US one! And it’s even better that it has a Russian livery and registration. I say “jolly good show!”

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Oh yes. But this one isn’t real so try and find another one

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This is a real life simulator, not some fake zombie simulator. Realism is what they strive for! 😐

@anon31652286 please change it back to features and put the title back to the original one.

Many planes in IF aren’t realistic, but who cares. There are always going to be an angry crowd of people with burning pitchforks and that won’t change. The 787-10 doesn’t exist (just yet) neither does the FDS liveries and Transero 747-8 and A380-800.


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So true man:)

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I mean, I wouldn’t mind a new set of Cessna 172 liveries. I’m sick of just staring at one, when we can have a bunch more.

This simulator is mainly for the airliner fans, the ones who want to fly A380’s and other big jets in future. But where does this all start? Training in GA aircraft of course.

Maybe with adding more liveries, they should consider cleaning that dirty floor too!

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yeahhh man they definitely have too

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Please, only one request per topic