Cessna 172 Keeps Turning to the Left

Hello! I was flying on the Training Server today looking to do some pattern work in the Cessna 172. When I take off and land, the aircraft turns to the left uncontrollably and I struggle to keep it on the runway. There were no strong winds in the area. Can somebody help? Thanks!

Device: iPhone 6S
Software: iOS 11

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Is this just the Cessna 172 or on all aircraft?

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Make sure that your device is calibrated. Use the rudder to keep yourself lined up on the runway while your device is in a stable position. You can adjust the sensitivity of your inputs as well in the controls menu.

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@Wren I think just the Cessna because I flew a few hours ago in a B737-800 and it was fine. @Levet I made sure my device was calibrated.

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These aircraft are fun to fly however they are really responsive to your inputs (quicker than a 737) so be careful with your movements as you hold your device. Make sure you are hand flying it too. Don’t set your autopilot;)

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So if you go into settings and controls, you can adjust the sensitivity of your device and more specifically the lateral controls. You are probably used to holding your phone in a certain way which isn’t perfectly level. You only notice of the C172 as it is such a small aircraft.

Can you reproduce it? One time glitches can occur for everyone and everything.

My device was on a flat table while I was taking off. I just reproduced it in solo, except now it’s turning right. I’m literally not even touching the device and it just starts spinning out of control.

What’s the wind? You need to use the rudder to keep on the centerline. Wind or no wind condition. winds in excess of 5 kts turn into the wind with the alerions.

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Can you please go to Settings —> Contols and provide a screenshot from that? Sounds like a gyro issue.

The wind was at 5 knots.

Yep crosswind right?

And you said you was able to repro in Solo? Turn off the winds completely, how does it behave then?

This has been happening to me also in the 787 with no winds

Don’t bring in two separate issues please yours was on landing I assume?

For me it was it just happened again

I put the winds at 0 and it still happened.

To those of you having issues like this:

A simple reinstall of Infinite Flight will most likely solve the issue.


You’re too fast/ slow on landing that’s typically the cause. With that one, you also need to stay on the rudder controls.

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I was coming in for landing at 150kts