Cessna 172 JFK-LAX pt.3 and next route

last night we made it from JFK all the way to CLT!!! yayyy! Now we will be taking our little Cessna to BNA fuel up again then head on to Little Rock LIT.


join me if you want in any Cessna From Charlotte to Nashville!!

Training server


do you need ATC?

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on approach into bna for sure, altho im in training server if thats ok

ill be in BNA airspace in 1 hour 45 min

o ok
i will spawn in now

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50min away

ok i am in at KBNA

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set speed to 120 now 40 min away

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ok are you on ILS if so i am going to vector you for a straight in approach for 2L

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Hey if you want can you stop buy Addison on your way to LAX

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addison tx?

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is there the general aviation ramp near by?

yes there is

hows the weather in BNA

Yes you can do BNA to Little Rock to Addison to Amarillo to Albuquerque then continue to LAX

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pretty good wind guest 0kts visibility 48km wind direction is 10 degrees temperature is 28

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yes i can what is the estimate flight time?

yup next on my map is LIT

all i see is 4 locations

31 min to waypoint EYXUR then descend to the arrival on the H02CZ APP