Cessna 172 issue

I was flying with the C 172 earlier and it just wouldn’t climb it kept loosing speed, here’s some info

Weight. 2,230LBS
Altitude. 2,500ft (got to 3,000)
Speed. (Didn’t get above 58)
Vs. up to +200 then it stalled
Engine power. Full (87% n1).

Can someone tell me why this is happening, I know the C 172 is a sluggish climber but never this bad.


What was your mixture and trim? Additionally were flaps deployed?

With the C172 I normally start a very shallow climb of 200-600 at the start until I have good speed of around 70-90 knots and then climb. It’s important not to do a steep climb right after takeoff. Remember adjust your VS according to throttle/N1. If you notice your throttle going very high then shallow your climb and find a rate of climb where your throttle is steady.


Well, I think you should be faster than 58ias before trying to climb that high…

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Flaps were deployed at first, trim was 30 percent mixture was 80.

I only climbed 500ft.

Even flat it still didn’t increase in speed.

Yeah I don’t use trim for the 172, also for climb I’d recommend a rich mixture, especially if you are close to stalling.

From what it sounds like, you were climbing too steep with the nose pointed too high from trim and also with a leaner mixture, your engine wasn’t working as hard as it could’ve. I usually use 0 trim or low trim, rich mixture for climb, and as I stated, takeoff and then shallowly climb until you have a higher airspeed and then climb. Also remember to adjust your climb rate to your N1. Hope this helps! :)

You’re roughly 200 pounds from maximum weight. This will limit your rate of climb.

Nevertheless, at maximum weight you still should be able to climb out at 500-700 FPM (depending on the atmospheric conditions) and at 73 IAS. Mixture should be leaned for best performance above 3,000 and flaps retracted.


Ya IRL on a 182 we were 50lbs below the MTOW and got off the ground around the 1,000ft marks.