Cessna 172 into Class C Airport.

Myself, Ryan and a pilot friend fly a 1978 Cessna 172 into Little Rock Adams Field to practice our radio work and too get experience. This was both our first times flying a small airplane info here so it as a great learning experience as well. Flight Vlog: Class C Ops w/ATC - YouTube


Nice Video! I hear it’s pretty KLIT at Billary National Airport.


great job, enjoyed watching that!

Haha. I agree with it. It was absolutely dead we went so it made for an easy time getting in

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Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it

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Now all ya need is to go to a class B

haha. thats a whole lot more. lots more busier and more movements. closest class B are memphis and Dallas

What determines if a GA is allowed to fly in and land at Class B airports Like JFK and LAX…whether it has shorter rwys or other factors…would seem to me that it would be redirected by ATC to smaller municipals …so as not to interfere with all the higher speed primary jet traffic …

KCLE and KCVG are class B airports that are as busy as a medium/large class C.

There are no restrictions as to if GA can fly into Class B airports. There are videos on YouTube (while it is a rare occurrence) of C172s flying into JFK.

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There’s really no restrictions just that one should call them if your going into JFK lax and other big airport like that too give them a heads up


I also didn’t live anywhere near them 😂😂

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I was using them as an example. But come on, CVG isn’t that far away for Arkansas! Lol

In a 172 it is. I always tell people I’ll fly people too places I visit if they find me an airplane and split costs with me


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