Cessna 172 float plane

we need this. This would be awesome


Agreed man


Adding this type of aircraft would not be at all easy, take into account not just this aircraft they would add but they would also have to change all the water features in IF, how they look, act, respond to aircraft etc.

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That is true. But I still would love to see this in IF.

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That’s because the scenery is not realistic hopefully they fix that in a few years

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Though this would be super cool, we would need water physics effects and a rework of that. Which makes this a extremely large task! Cool request would love to see it but its a long way out im afraid.

This fits into the same place I see the current Light Sport Icon A5 request.

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yes! They just need bring back the realistic water that they had before global.
Edit: And they need to design the water’s response.

It may have looked realistic but wasnt quite good enough for sea planes. IFAET would also have to begin making Sea Ports etc adding more work to their plate. It will come eventually I believe but not in the near future.

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