Cessna 172 Flipping on Taxi

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: iOS 17.2

I was just preparing to due some pattern work out of Reykjavik/City, and as I was taxiing to the runway, my plane just flipped. I have no idea why, I was going super slowly around the corner of the taxiway. I got an aerobatics warning for this before I ended the flight.

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What might be the problem is that you are taking the turn too fast and applying too much rudder input. Light aircraft require you too slow down more and apply smaller inputs to the rudder slider

Did it happen to be windy? Current wind is around 20 knots it seems although I’m not sure if that’s quite enough for an upset like this.

The turn on this taxiway was quite shallow, and I was barely using any rudder input at all.

Yes, I think it was something like 22 knots. Not sure if that would have done it though.

It’s wind. I saw the plane shaking before it flipped. The 172 is light so, well, you know, it flips. But sorry and maybe contact support to take away that violation. But I’m having wind problems too, but it’s when I fly over FL280 it gets up to 100knts of crosswind.

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I believe that the Cessna 172 has a service ceiling of 12,000 feet, so It isn’t designed to go to FL280

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