Cessna 172 Flipped Over

1) I was doing circuits with the 172 when my plane flipped on it’s head

Server: Casual
Time: 30 Minutes
Route: Just doing circuits

3) Photos:


Lol pretty funny if you ask me

Please look into this topic:

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The boxes stuff aren’t allowed I think

What you mean like the HUD?

  • Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

So yes.

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Ok I changed it.

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That’s funny 😂

Looks like KLAX; I’m not surprised whatsoever lol

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That’s nice. I love it when that happens.

Says in a sarcastic voice >3

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I can’t take off in the smaller ga planes I always stall and I have only taken off once in the xcub the xcub is a challenge

It’s easyyyyyyy… a lil bit

idc for a fix im trying not to laugh its 135am

I have only managed to do that one time 😂