Cessna 172 flight

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Server: Solo
Route: FXE-FXE

Hello all, today I’m doing something different today, today I’ll be showing you what I actually do when I’m not spotting back at home :)
I work on me getting my CPL and working for a Major U.S airline

Doing a little walk around

*skip to takeoff

Taking off from Runway 9 in the beautiful afternoon

Wing shot of Deerfield Beach

Nose shot of Pompano Beach

About to come in for a landing!

Buttered smoothly on Runway 31.

And I tie down the beautiful C172!

Thanks for looking, which picture was your favorite

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What should I do tomorrow?

  • Spotting in Amsterdam
  • Trip report with United Airlines
  • More CPL work!

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(I’m also think of buying an Xcub and flying it across Florida)

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That fifth photo right there looking down at the runway is beautiful, good shot of the airfield.

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Thank you so much!

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Of course! Keep posting, little shots and snippets like these are always nice to see

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