Cessna 172 Flight. The return leg KLIT-KSRC.

Watch as Myself, my brother and a pilot buddy depart Class C Little Rock National Airport after a quick stop. The was audio but unfortunately the audio got corrupted somehow. So sit back relax and enjoy the flight and don’t forget to buckle your seatbelt.
PIC:Dillon Greene (PPL-SEL) 200 hours
SIC: Colton Smith(PPL-SEL IFR- MEL- IFR) 255 hours
Pax: Ryan Greene:(PPL-SEL) 190 hours


You need to get your complex/hp. Big step up from the Cessna and Maules you fly but still a whole lot of fun. It’s definitely worth it too once you start flying passengers.

BTW have you ever looked into doing flights for Angel Flight? Might be something to consider but I would recommend getting your instrument rating first.

Edit: just realized it’s a 500 hour minimum to fly for Angel Flight. Thought it was 200.

Yah the guy I rent from had a Saratoga that’s in annual so when I’m he gets it done I hoping to get a HP endorsement. I’m actually working on INsturment in august is when I start. At my school it’s all a process and have to follow there criteria

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