Cessna 172 Flight. IFR or VFR?

Hello Community,
Today my MEI PPL friend and I went flying up to a local airport too do a DME Arc and an ILS as part of my requirements for the Insturment rating! The Airport KJBR Jonesboro is about 65 nautical miles away from where I live so it’s a good cross country too fly too and do approaches. Here are some pictures from on the way there at 5,500 feet and on the way back at 6,000 feet IMG_2385IMG_2373IMG_2377IMG_2381IMG_2375IMG_2382IMG_2379IMG_2384IMG_2378IMG_2383


How are you a Mutli Engine Instructor Private Pilot? Lol

Looks like a fun flight!


Maybe multi-engine and instrument rated?

I agree, it looks like a great flight!

Yes sorry multi-engine Insturment private pilot

Multi-engine insturment private pilot

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Lol okay, I’m just messing with you I thought it was funny how I read it
Thanks for clearing it up!

Yah I can see the confusion! No problem at all

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Jonesboro is where I’m moving in the spring.

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It’s a great area. Not too far from me!


@THE-OP @N1DG… MaxSez… Oooops, previous, my bust, hit the wrong button. Just think:
Jonesboro, AK, Tobacco Road … beep beep… and Ear-skin Caldwell Novels for both of you.

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